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Signalling Controller repair at Greasley Electronics –

Our expertise is in repairing variable speed drives including; Frequency Inverters, Spindle, Servo, Stepper; HMI’s, Power Supplies, Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC’s), Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s), Servo Motors, Encoders plus many other types of industrial equipment.

We can often repair even the most damaged of circuit boards and return them to service. A challenge? Yes.. but at Greasley’s we love a challenge! Some are burnt, some are water damaged, some have been tampered with when an engineer has attempted a fix. All of which can be reviewed by us before deciding how to proceed and the costs advised.

Communication here, is the key. Using failure pattern analysis, our team are able to notify clients of any failure trends and, if requested replace all ”at risk components” as part of the standard repair package. Final test procedures and shipping requirements are always agreed with the customer.

Neal is testing computerised signalling computer controllers for a rail company here. This is a major customer for Greasley Electronics and ongoing as part of a refurbishment and preventative maintenance plan rather than replacing them.🙂


Signalling controller repair at Greasley Electronics

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So, What do we do? What do we repair? Click here to contact us direct or send an image to us so that we can assess the damage or failure.