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Wind Turbine Controller Repairs

Wind Turbine Controller Repairs can be extremely expensive to replace if they breakdown. When problems occur, the electronic systems need to be serviced and maintained. Greasley’s have repaired many including NetGen for a fraction of the cost of replacement and our experienced team are all specialists and on hand to help.

Greasley - Wind Turbine Controllers RepairsGreasley - Wind Turbine Controllers Repairs



Greasley’s can offer a fast turn-around to ensure turbines are not offline for long periods of time. We have the latest technology and skilled engineers to save you a fortune with wind turbine repair.

We are currently offering our services to Energy Companies in the UK and Ireland as a way of introducing our services to their customers with a view to retention and a fantastic cost-saving opportunity for wind turbine repairs.

Wind Turbine Controller Repairs at the click of a button. Call the Greasley Electronics Team on 01530 835823 to see how we can help your turbine to keep turning or email

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