About Us

Greasley Electronics started their company journey in 1984, and by a man named Mick Greasley. It is now run by John Rawlings who took over the company in 2006 and now has a team of 10, three of us being the original members of the team!

About Us - The Greasley Electronics Team

The idea was to save UK companies money with the repair and refurbishment of Industrial Electronic Repairs and to keep industry running as there is no need to replace machinery when it can be repaired and re conditioned. The team continue to do this on a daily basis working with blue chip companies that often class Greasley Electronics as their ‘repair arm’.

Team members recognise a fault easily. They all have expertise in different areas.

When a manufacturers warranty’s ends… this is where we often come in. For instance, the old age story “We don’t support this and you need to buy a new one!” …”No you don’t” is the simple answer!

We can repair and refurbish almost anything for over 25 years after the manufacturer “give up”.

Greasley Electronics support a range of companies in the UK and our specialism is vast within the manufacturing and food industry, agricultural, rail, air conditioning, sewing machine and embroidery industry, councils and in the automotive industry. We work closely with Factory Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Factory Production Line Managers, Production Managers and Engineering Directors. We work with the likes of Siemens, Schneider and Coca Cola. We also work with electrical contractors.


About Us - Industrial electronic repairs -Greasley Electronics in the UK.

We can repair most things electronic!

Using the most up to date diagnostic tools allows us to be efficient and complete cost effective repairs and we can suggest ways which future circuit board failures might be avoided.

Contact us here by pressing the orange button ‘enquire’ to see how we can help you with a circuit board repair.