Preventative Maintenance

Everyone has their car serviced every year. Everyone has the oil changed. Not many people get their electronics serviced.

A car runs on both mechanical and electrical power and if the electrics were serviced regularly a car would be unlikely to break down.

At Greasley’s we offer preventative maintenance to ensure any type of machinery rarely breaks down saving time and money in a business. The running of these assets in a business are crucial.

Many companies sell machinery to their customers. They can also suggest a maintenance plan and use Greasley’s as the maintenance company to keep the Pcb’s in full working order. Refurbishment or replacement can then be ongoing and the end user is always happy.

We are also offering sustainability reviews for any business/factory/establishment that has electronic equipment.

If you have invested in a piece of equipment, likely to have cost thousands of pounds and often the manufacturer supports their equipment for 3 years, what happens when it breaks down or fails because it hasn’t been maintained? You need a new one. This is neither practical or cost efficient. If you want to maximise your profits, you need to sustain that equipment for as long as possible. They will run for a lifetime if you maintain them as part of a maintenance programme.

Maximising your investment to its true potential and beyond is key. Even to this day we are still servicing knitting machine boards from the 1980’s, at £269 to repair and refurbish. A new one will cost more than £200k to replace.

  • Preventative maintenance is the key.

Benefits of a Sustainability Review –

  • Cost effective, sustainable, reducing your carbon footprint. The opportunity also with Greasley Electronics would be for us to look at how easy it would be to interchange old devices into modern systems without affecting the workability of production effectiveness. There is no point in changing a drive for a modern replacement if it is not going to improve the efficiency of a production line.

We work with many well known blue chip companies on an ongoing basis all of which have a great sustainability ethos. Medical equipment and beds are often sent in to us for repair and we are used as the repair arm for many.

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Preventative Maintenance

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