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Touch Screens and Displays

We’ve gained the competitive advantage in the industrial touch screen repair industry due to our reputation of fast, reliable and comprehensive service. We service all makes and models of industrial touch screen and displays.

Industrial touch screen and display repair functionalities are imperative to be running 24 hours per day. Problems can shut down your entire industrial manufacturing assembly line. Greasley Electronics offers a complete range of industrial touch screen repairs including work on PLCs and HMIs. The faster it’s fixed, the faster the team can return to operating at full speed.

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Inverters and Drives

Companies rely on motors running on production lines. If an invertor drive goes wrong, this can affect productivity. We have great relations with obsolete suppliers to enable us to acquire the necessary components to get the invertor or drive up and running as soon as possible.

A common example of these are Omron ServoPacks.This is a series of servo drives and motors manufactured by ‘Omron Corporation’, a Japanese electronics company and Greasley Electronics often repair and refurbish these.

Many are very difficult to buy and replace anyway which is good for all parties!

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Medical Equipment Repair

Medical Equipment

We pride ourselves in helping Medical Companies with their medical equipment repair. Great for budgets for any medical company. Let’s see if we can repair or refurbish rather than replace.

Many are not aware this can be done in the ‘throw away’ society that we live in.
Mobility equipment, medical beds, hoists, chairs all have a function in which have PCB repairs needed when they break down. Greasley’s love the challenge of repair and refurbishment particularly in the medical industry.

Experts are needed to fix the circuit boards within the units.

We can also offer maintenance contracts to help maintain the electronics in them so that no time is wasted if they breakdown. We are happy to give any circuit board repair a go at fixing! Greasley Electronics love a challenge and have recently repaired an X-Ray machine when a medical company thought it would never work again.

Call us on 01530 835823 or Send a photo image of the PCB Repair here.

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Food and Plant Machinery

An electronics breakdown on a production line in the food industry could be detrimental to the business. We have fixed many items making huge cost savings. A regular review of production machinery is key. They all have electronic controls which need servicing and more often than not we can repair for a fraction of the price of a new machine.

We can review and repair food and plant machinery as a one off, but on a regular basis we can set up a maintenance contract at an agreed cost. A typical example of regular repairs is a ‘snack company’ assembly line in Leicester.

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Food and Plant Machinery repairs at Greasley Electronics
Temperature controller repairs at Greasley Electronics

Temperature Controllers

Below are samples of services we offer here at Greasleys, giving you a quality service with a quick turnaround typically 3 to 5 working days.

  • Inverters and Soft Start Repairs
  • DC Drive Repairs
  • AC/DC Servo Motor and Drive Repairs & AC/DC Spindle Motor Repairs
  • PLC Repairs
  • HMI and Monitor Repairs
  • General PCB’s
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Instrumentation and Calibration
  • Encoder / Resolver Testing & Feedback Alignment.
  • Fully Tested Repairs & Warranty on all repairs
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Ultrasonic Repair

Greasley’s have recently carried out a service repair to a Ultrasonic Cleaning unit, Its reported fault was “No Power Output”. After investigation Greasleys found the Power transistors to be faulty and short circuit these were replaced and the unit fully tested and returned to the client who in turn reported they saves over £2000 by not having to return it to the OEM.

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Ultrasonic cleaning unit repairs at Greasley Electronics in Leicestershire. PCB Repair experts
Wind Turbine Repair, circuit repair, Greasley Electronic & Industrial Repairs, UK

Wind Turbine Controllers

It has become apparent that the electronic controls for these are extremely expensive to replace.

Greasley’s have repaired many including NetGen for a fraction of this. Wind turbine repair is an obvious choice and here at Greasley’s we have the latest technology and skilled to engineers to save you a fortune on Wind turbine repair.

We are currently offering our services to Energy Companies in the UK and Ireland as a way of introducing our services to their customers with a view to retention and a fantastic cost saving opportunity for wind turbine repairs.

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Sewing Controllers

This is where Greasley’s started repairing ‘Singer Sewing Machines’. (EFKA and Quick).

We repair everything to do with sewing for example Ram/Lisa units, EFKA, Quick, Rimoldi, Pfaff, Brother, Singer, and all other ancillary devices.

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Commerical Gym Equipment Repairs

Electronics on commercial gym equipment can often power down quite easily if they are not looked after and maintained regularly. Greasley electronics can fix anything on them most of the time, from LED’s to the actual power supplies not working. For example, a running machine repair could power up and simply click showing nothing on the display board, others power up and will not reset.

Commercial Gym Equipment Repairs, Running machine repairs, Greasley Electronics

Greasley Electronics are specialists in gym equipment repair and since the COVID19 many machines have been left static for long periods of time and then they don’t work as they should. We can look at any pcb repair from running machine repairs, stepper machines, rowing machines, in fact any gym equipment machinery repair!