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Air Conditioning Controller Repairs 

Air Conditioning Controller Repairs and general PCB repairs are a speciality here at Greasley Electronics. We can save companies thousands, thus not eating into profits with buying new unit. Our team can help with diagnostics, maintenance & repair.

When air conditioning unit’s breakdown, they often cannot be repaired onsite and need an expert team you can trust. Greasley Electronics can provide the clean & sterile environment needed to ensure air conditioning controllers are repaired swiftly and efficiently.

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Our team of specially trained PCB engineers can repair many other air conditioning controllers including:

  • Trend controllers
  • Cylon controllers
  • Andover controllers
  • Mitsubishi controllers
  • Daikin controllers…plus many more

Greasley - Air Conditioning Controller Repairs

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The PCB and its components, like all other parts of the air conditioning system, are subject to technical issues. The good news is that damaged air conditioning PCBs can often be repaired.

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