Ultrasonic cleaning unit repairs at Greasley Electronics in Leicestershire. PCB Repair experts

Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Repairs

Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Repairs require maintenance and repairs just like any other equipment that is used continuously. Greasley Electronics can help maintain and repair the PCB units saving considerable amounts of money on replacing.

We have designed our service to be fast and effective with repairs completed within 3-5 working days and can work with clients across the UK.

Greasley’s have carried out a service repair to an Ultrasonic Cleaning unit, its reported fault was “No Power Output”. After investigation Greasley’s found the Power transistors to be faulty and short circuit.  These were replaced, and the unit fully tested and returned to the client who in turn reported they saved over £2000 by not having to return it to the OEM.

Call the Greasley Electronics Team on 01530 835823 to see how our Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Repairs can help and request our no-obligation quote or email info@greasley.co.uk

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Greasley - Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit RepairsGreasley - Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit RepairsGreasley - Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Repairs