Medical Equipment Repair

The repair and maintenance of medical electronic equipment, Medical Equipment Repairs

Medical Equipment Repairs

Medical Equipment Repairs are vital to any medical company and hospital in the UK and beyond.

The Greasley Electronics Team has a wide range of expertise in repairing medical equipment and we pride ourselves in helping Medical Companies save money by carrying out effective PCB & Circuit Board repairs across the UK.

Our service is great for budgets for any medical company. Let’s see if we can repair or refurbish rather than replace. Give the team a call to see how we can help – 01530 835823

In today’s ‘throw away’ society that we live in, often simple refurbishment can be more cost-effective and allow medical equipment to last even longer.

We regularly do:

  • Mobility equipment repair,
  • Medical bed repairs,
  • Hoists & Chairs that have a PCB control
  • Chromatography Equipment repair
  • Pharmaceutical production machines repair
  • Pill Machine repair
  • Shock wave machinery
  • Touch Screen Repairs
  • Anything medical and electronic!

Greasley’s love the challenge of diagnostics, repair and refurbishment particularly in the medical industry.

Here is a recent video to show what we can repair. – Benefits of Industrial Electronic Repair in Healthcare.

In addition, we can also offer maintenance contracts to help maintain the electronics in them so that no time is wasted if they breakdown.

Keep your medical equipment in tip-top condition with Greasley Electronics. Call the team on 01530 835823 or email

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