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Is your hot tub working properly? Greasley’s can help.

Is your hot tub working properly? Greasley’s can help. Who knows of someone that has had a hot tub and the electrics stop working?

What do you do? Get in touch with the company you bought it from? Is it under warranty?

We work alongside hot tub suppliers and they utilise our services when the electrics cease to work.


Is your hot tub working properly? Greasley's can help.

A hot tub relay had too much current in it here, set on fire and sent to us to see if we could repair it. We got rid of all of the burnt material, completely cleaned the PCB and used fibre glass resin to fill in the hole. We drilled and mounted the components and linked them all up together.

It works…and at a very small cost to repair in comparison to a whole new circuit board. We love a challenge at Greasley Electronics!

Here we can show you a before and after photo of a recent hot tub spa controller repair pcb. Get in touch with us if you know of a company we might be able to help with hot tub repairs going forward.

If your hot tub is not working properly, Greasley’s can help. Call us on http://01530 835823.


Damaged hot tub spa controller


Repaired Hot tub spa controller