Water damaged circuit board repairsWater damaged circuit board repair

Can you repair water damaged circuit boards?

This question, ‘Can you repair water damaged circuit boards’ has been asked many times when people call or email us. Last week we were asked if we could fix some water damaged repairs on two circuit boards from a Yacht company and I we were sent this picture!

We love a challenge at Greasley Electronics so guess what? We replied saying,
‘Yes I should think so, let me try!’

Sometimes there is no quick answer as to whether I can fix any circuit board let along a water damaged pcb!. Trial and error? – yes, it is.

You’d think we’d be able to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ after over 30 years experience!  Most of the time we can fix any circuit board repair but with my team’s ‘can do attitude’ we certainly give everything a go anyway!

With this Yacht company in Hampshire, the customer had tried several companies and they HAD said no. Maybe they don’t like a challenge..or the job was too small? Their choice. Greasley Electronics gain!

Proud of my team turning these around, repairing and then refurbishing at the same time…..and now as good as new. For pcb board repair in the UK Greasley Electronics will give every repair a go!

See below, the water damaged circuit board and then the repaired board. Circuit board repairs at their best!


water damaged circuit boards

Repaired water damaged circuit boards


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