Harry Rawlings, Junior apprentice at Greasley Electronics

Harry joined Greasley Electronics in February 2023. Harry is the youngest son of John Rawlings and soon became interested in following in his dad’s footsteps, in electronics.

Harry came on board as he has a keen interest in engineering and maintenance and working for his father’s company gives him a great stepping stone to learn more about it.

He hopes to become a fully qualified electrical engineer in a few years time, learning ‘on the job’ with the help of the experts at Greasley Electronics. Harry knows that the team at Greasley’s are dedicated and have a wealth of experience in which he can learn from.

Harry began his course at Leicester College in September 2023, formally as an apprentice at Greasley Electronics. He is completing a day release ‘Engineering Fitter’ Course for the next 3.5 years. as part of this, he has to do many forms of ‘on the job’ training at Greasley’s, and as part of the course, a project at the end that he will be assessed on.

Harry loves to work out in the home gym, play the occasional game of golf, plays the electric guitar from time to time and enjoys listening to a wide range of music in his spare time. He also loves a game of snooker and is quite competitive!