Biomass Boiler RepairBiomass Boiler Repair

Can we repair a Biomass boiler which is failing?

The answer here is yes we can! We recently had a company approach us to say that one of their boilers was failing and it was very costly to replace. They found our website on google thankfully and they called so we could talk them through how we could help.

With a biomass boiler repair, or in fact any circuit board repair, often companies disregard the fact that electrical faults can be fixed!


We are still finding more and more that with any pcb repair, it is often the ‘throw away’ world we live in and manufacturer’s warranty do not cover repairs!…or the warranty has expired. Cost effective pcb repairs are clearly the way forward and not buying new machinery when it is not needed.

Loved to start the weekend this morning with a positive note to my team and give them feedback on a Biomass boiler repair.

The Friday team meeting began with a pat on the back for their communication and positivity as we received this today as a google review. Even though we are really busy, a positive ‘can do’ attitude and effective communication is our key to success.

Many people have taken the time to give Greasley Electronics a review recently and we really appreciate that. Our google review page is here should anyone wish to leave us one.

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