money sorting machine repairsHow do we solve a money sorting machine fault?

How do we solve a money sorting machine fault?

How do we solve a money sorting machine fault? What happens when a money sorting machine doesn’t work?

Whether it’s in a counting room, a bank or anything from vending, cash counting machines, casino tickets machines to name but a few, there are machines that handle large volumes of cash, and is checked with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

But the circuit boards do go wrong whether they blow up or simply don’t connect with the power supply. Wear and tear or electronic failings and any pcb repair problems…we can help. We will find out the fault and order replacement parts as soon as possible to ensure a quick turnaround.

It’s where Greasley Electronics come in – One of the most reliable PCB Repair company’s in the Midlands✔

We work with an American company based in the UK and they import expensive money sorting machines and often cannot get the parts/components to fix them when there is a problem with the electronics.

At Greasley Electronics Ltd, we have test rigs for the repairs to ensure when the circuit boards have been repaired and refurbished they can be soak tested before sending them back to the company as good as new. These will then last anywhere between 3 to 8 years depending on work rate and maintenance.

Here’s today’s delivery in two crates! Crack on team! 😉

Greasley - How do we solve a money sorting machine fault?

This area of repair has been quiet for some time due to the reduced handling of cash. So, for money sorting machine repair, contact John, Stuart and the team at Greasley Electronics.