Guy Patterson, Electronics Engineer at Greasley Electronics

Guy Patterson has worked for Greasley Electronics since September 2020 after being made redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic when Greasley’s work load was particularly high and we needed more expertise in the pcb repair world!

His career started in 1985 at ‘Husky Computers’ where his mum was a managing partner. Having worked in electronics manufacturing for over 35 years, Guy has specialised in surface mount rework, panel wiring and inspection and loves his job. He now works alongside Stuart and Neal as a valuable member of the repairs team, specialising in air conditioning controller repairs.

Guy’s hobbies include cooking, eating out, fine wine and music, in particular music of the 80’s, Modern and Northern Soul. He loves DIY, and able to turn his hand at almost anything at home!

Guy has a partner Lou, 2 children and 3 grandchildren and hopes to retire one day to a Greek Island!