Quick Syncro power boards

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Quick Syncro power boards are now obsolete (Those using the Toshiba MG20G6EL1), And the later surface mount version are on back order and are taking upto Six months to arrive, We can replace the Old powerboard with a modern one and give the manufactures full 1 year warranty on this, however it does come at a price, Greasley Electronics Ltd have a limited amount of Toshiba MG20G6EL1 and are able to repair both the older and new surface mount Quick Syncro Power Boards.

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Rimoldi Repair

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Rimoldi repairs are becoming increasingly more intense as people are finding the credit crunch taking hold both here in the U.K. and overseas, We arerepairing more Rimoldi Panels and Pcb’s then ever before, because at one tenth or the origional cost of replacement (if you can find one) Or even larger if you have to buy a new machine.

Turn around time of these products is 5 working days or less typically.

Rimoldi panels included are Ram/Lisa, Rita, Sonia, Rimstop, Flextop and metering units.

Greasley Electronics offers  service to the range of Rimoldi repairs.

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