Lift Maintenance and Repair

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Lift Repair – I’ve been repairing Stannah Stair Lifts for some time now and I was recently asked to run a project at the Escape Asylum at ‘Spirits’ Bar in Leicester. Having been asked to do the electronics for their games, I took this on and created a ‘King Richard 3rd’ Lift to come out of the ground. I can’t go into too much detail or show any pictures else I would give the game away! I’m currently designing more games and they are all work in progress.

Lift Repair and maintenance is really important and the maintenance of the PCB’s in Forklifts, General Lifts, Stair Lifts etc…the list is endless. Contact John at 01530 835823 for help in this field, even if just for a chat!

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Greasleys Golf Day @ Stapleford Park Golf Club

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In support of a cancer charity close to my heart I would love golfing partners and customers to join me for a day of golf at my local golf club on Tuesday May 14th. £80 per pair. Please see further details on the golf entry form below.

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Wind Turbine Repair and Refurbishment

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With wind turbine repair and refurbishment, unplanned breakdowns cost thousands of pounds every year in plant repair or replacement, downtime and lost production.

This week we have received three wind turbines, two of which have been on fire and cannot be replaced. It’s too late. Preventative maintenance if they had been refurbished, on a site before they went down could have saved the client £120k. (£15k each to replace). Electronics typically will last 15 years so a great idea is to have them refurbished every 8 years and they will last a lifetime (I would say like changing oil in a car regularly!) We repair these all over the UK and Europe and there are more plants opening all the time. Great business for us and great savings for companies if they look after their plants!

For wind turbine repair and refurbishment contact John Rawlings on LinkedIn, email on or call us on 01530 835823.

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Industrial Electronic Repair

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Industrial electronic repair down to component level are carried out using the state of the art diagnostics, soldering and inspection systems.

Using the latest techniques damaged PCB tracks and trough – plated holes can be remade by our expert staff often allowing even the most damaged of circuit boards to be returned to service.
Using failure pattern analysis our technicians are able to notify clients of any failure trends and, if requested replace all ”at risk components” as part of the standard repair package. Final test procedures, packaging and shipping requirements are always agreed with the client as part of the Industrial electronic repair.

Since today’s circuit board repairs are more sophisticated than ever before, we use the latest procedures and technology we are able to offer PCB Modification and final test and assembly. Any questions, contact the Greasley team and we can answer any questions, even on price! Industrial electronic repair is our speciality.

Call us on 01530 835823 or email

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