Repairing Air Conditioning Units

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Damaged air conditioning circuit boards units can often be repaired. However, this isn’t normally a job for an air conditioning company and it certainly can’t be repaired on site. Repairs need to be carried out in a sterile clear environment with specifically trained repair specialists who know what to look out for and have the appropriate test equipment to hand.

Large or small, 2 or 200 units, we can repair. Let us know if we can help.

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Electronic Repair

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Electronic repair down to component level are carried out using the state of the art diagnostics, soldering and inspection systems.

Using the latest techniques damaged PCB tracks and trough – plated holes can be remade by our expert staff often allowing even the most damaged of circuit boards to be returned to service.
Using failure pattern analysis our technicians are able to notify clients of any failure trends and, if requested replace all ”at risk components” as part of the standard repair package. Final test procedures, packaging and shipping requirements are always agreed with the client as part of the Electronic repair.

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PCB Repair

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PCB repair with Greasley Electronics Ltd, the most important thing is our extensive array of test and diagnostic tools. When you choose Greasleys to repair your electronic units, they are thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed using advanced test equipment and proprietary techniques. Your PCB’s are then repaired by our conscientious electronics technicians, who are trained in the latest electronics repair and rework standards. After the repair is completed, your unit functionality tested to guarantee repair.

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Toyota AD830 PCB Repair

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Greasley’s Electronics are leaders in PCB repairs. Our repairs are carried out using state of the art diagnostics, soldering and inspection systems. Using the latest techniques, we can often return even seriously damaged circuit boards into full working order.

We are often sent PCB boards from sewing machines for repair. As many of the most well used sewing machine boards are no longer in production, repair is a more practical and cost effective solution than that of replacing the entire machine.

This week we received a Toyota AD830 PCB for repair. After looking into the fault, we determined that the issue was an internal communication error, a common fault with these models.

A replacement Toyota AD830 PCB would cost around £3000, whilst Greasley’s are able to repair the PCB for a fraction of that.

To find out how much you could save through repairs with Greasley’s, contact us on 01530 835823 today.

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