D J Deck System Repair

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Send us your faulty decks and let us get it up and running again for you quick and painlessly. With the wide range of DJ Multi Media players available both top loading and twin CD available and the complex parts used on the latest decks, it’s better to get a professional to fix it, making sure you don’t loose functionality due to a botched ‘fix’. We fix all major UK brand’s including Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Gemini.

All DJ products repaired from CD players, Amplifiers to LED lighting
Our Repair Service Covers the Mainland UK and parts of Europe
Pre & Post Repair product checks
Our conscientious engineers have many years of DJ product repair experience. Advice available anytime….Call John on 01530 835823

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Medical Equipment Repair

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At Greasleys we pride ourselves in helping Medical Companies with their repairs. Mobility equipment, Medical beds, Hoists, to name but a few, can save thousands. Experts are needed particularly when warranties run out and where do people go? Are they offered a service contract? Contact us for more information 01530 835823. We’d be happy to help.

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PCB Repair – Keyboard example

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Pcb repair with Greasley Electronics Ltd, the most important thing is our extensive array of test and diagnostic tools. When you choose Greasleys to repair your electronic units, they are thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed using advanced test equipment and proprietary techniques. Your Pcb’s are then repaired by our conscientious electronics technicians, who are trained in the latest electronics repair and rework standards. After the repair is completed, your unit functionality tested to guarantee repair.

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Wind Turbine Refurbishment and Repair

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Wind turbine repair… It has become apparent that the electronic controls for these are extremely expensive to replace.
Greasleys have repaired a few including NetGen for a fraction of this. Wind turbine repair is an obvious choice and here at Greasleys we have the latest technology and skilled to engineers to save you a fortune on Wind turbine repair. We are currently offering our services to Energy Companies in the UK and Ireland as a way of introducing our services to their customers with a view to retention and a fantastic cost saving opportunity.

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Electronic Repair and Refurbishment

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Electronic Repair and Refurbishment

With our vast experience we can provide a complete repair and refurbish of any Pcb allowing you to keep machines functional for years to come.

Advanced equipment in our workshop enables us to service all types of PCB, including those that are double sided and multilayer, Surfact mount technology as well as through hole, we offer this as a money saving alternative to replacement, as in this throw away climate it makes sense to offer a full Electronic Repair and Refurbishment.

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