Can an air conditioning circuit board (PCB) be fixed?

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The technology involved in air conditioning has improved in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. As a result, they use far less energy.  The older models still in use have technology which uses electrical components to perform direct control operation of motors and compressors. This can result in an operation that leads to high energy consumption.

Newer technology has created control operations that enable the air conditioning units to adjust operation according to the required cooling load. This means lower energy consumption. However, old and new technology both use printed circuit boards (PCBs) to perform complex communication, data calculation and output calculations.

The PCB and its components, like all other parts of the air conditioning system, are subject to technical issues. Here are a few reasons for potential problems:

The air conditioning circuit board operating voltage is in the lower range of between 5VDC-24VDC.  This means that, if there is a current surge, the circuitry may be damaged by the introduction of sudden higher voltage that is outside its range.

Inputting the incorrect voltage into an air conditioning circuit board by a technician during installation can damage the PCB.

Shorted field wiring is a significant cause of PCB damage. Shorted or damaged wiring results in incorrect or excessive introduction of higher voltage.

Small insects like cockroaches can dwell inside air conditioning circuit boards and cause damage. It’s an unpleasant thought, but their bodies can cause short circuiting of electronics components.

The good news is that damaged air conditioning PCBs can often be repaired. However, it’s not usually a job for an air conditioning company and it certainly can’t be repaired on site. Repairs need to be carried out in a clear / sterile environment with specially trained PCB repair teams who know what to look for and have the appropriate equipment to hand.

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