Power Supply Repair

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Power Supply RepairĀ is possible and can also be fairly inexpensive, the majority of our customer’s have problems with expensive Pcb’s mainly caused by a BAD Power supply, It is a known fact that the life of a capacitor is relatively short compared with other electronic components, and therefore the Life of most Power Supplies depend on the capacitors,

Greasley Electronics Ltd have over the past 20 years developed relationships with many Power Supply Manufactures and designers so we are able to offer quick replacements if the customer needs a next day Power Supply and then Greasleys may repair their existing unit within 5 working days to give them a “back up” Power Supply,

Finally we encourage everyone to take care of their existing Power Supplies check the Fan is running and have it serviced regularly (replacement of Capacitors etc) as this will extend the life or the machine and other Pcb’s it provides power to, please feel free to contact one of the team at Greasleys regarding Power Supply Repair.

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