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Electronic repair agent increases turnover by 90% within the year!

One of our customer’s has taken a brave step to support a range of equipment that they don’t manufacture themselves and over the last year it has taken off to a huge extent, and he is now covering most of Europe and is now trying to break in the American market as well, We started to repair his own units and after making considerable savings in comparison to replacement he decided to take it further and take on another product and offer the same level of service to another OEM, however they didn’t support their product and only sold replacement units our customer now Fully supports these products and using our 5 day service we repair All the Pcb’s in these units.  

Greasley Electronics are helping many UK clients to save money and time on their Pcb’s and electronic repair problems, In responding to the credit crisis by increasing customer support and technical services.

If you can see an oppertunity within your company to take on and support new products Greasley Electronics will be pleased to become  your Electronic repair agent.

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Christmas Holidays

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Christmas Holidays are almost here and Greasley Electronics will be on annual shutdown from Tuesday 23rd December at 12pm until Monday 5th Jan 2009.

If you need any Boards repairing before  Christmas please get them to us no later than 17th December 2008 otherwise we can not guarantee them until the new year, However we will do our best for you if its urgent!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year form all at Greasley Electronics Ltd and enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

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