Electronic Repair and Saving Money

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Electronic Repair and Saving Money, Over the past twenty years Greasley Electronics Ltd have helped our clients to save both Time and Money on repairs to their control equipment, not only in the fact that it is a Fraction of the cost to Repair rather than Replace ( especially now days when boards become obsolete ) but rather in Time as production down time is critical and a fast turn around is essential.

Reports show OEM’s tend to support their products for a short time and then offer a replacement often costing vast amounts of money this is where Greasley’s can help with repair, Especially when it comes to UK agents importing and selling machines.

Likewise we also support manufactures like Mitsubishi who get their Sewing industry users to come straight to us and therefore Mitsubishi only have to worry about sales and not after service of the sewing panels here in the UK.

Other importers into th UK save money by using our services But more important to them We save Time! taking a standard 5 day turnaround as oppose to sending the units overseas.

If you would like to see how Greasley Electronics Ltd can save you time and money please feel free to contact us or send a digital photograph on an e-mail and we will give you a quote, Electronic Repair and Saving Money.

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Trend Repair

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Trend Repair, for the last 10 years Greasley Electronics Ltd have been carrying out electronic repairs to Trend Controls in the IQ range for a fixed repair charge or £99 or £135 depending on the boardtype, Some of the boards we cover are IQ131, IQ111, IQ100+, IQ241, IQ251, IQ221, IQ220, IQ151, CNC boards, MNC, INC, and the XN28 etc, all for the same fixed price no matter what the fault, although these repairs have fallen in recent times we can STILL repair these PCB’s down to component level and provide a 5 day turnaround, 

We have been repairing these  with the UP DOWN and DOORWAY software package supplied by Mr Tony Charmaray,

Along with the repair we have extensive experience in preventive maintenance of these controls and ALWAYS replace all the electrolytic capacitors and the communication IC’s, this will result in the item being good for a longer future and less likely to break down causing unnecessary losses and expense in Trend Repair.


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