Electronic Repair Agents congratulate Pride

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Electronic Repair Agents congratulate Pride

Local charity Pride has been award 1st place in the National Criminal Justice Awards in the category of caring for Victims of Crime, This was announced in London at a ceremony at the Banqueting house in Witehall on Tuesday 28st October 2008, Peter Stirland and a delegation including volunteers and officers collected the award from The Rt Hon Vera Baird QC MP – The Solicitor General,

Pride is the Crime Prevention Initiative that helps Elderly Victims of Crime in the home to regain confidence ans reassurance following traumatic experiences, Peter siad “with the support of the Police, Victim Support and the backing of District and Parish councils residents are able to be offered this facility ,And also with the continued support of Greasley Electronics Ltd making a huge impact in taking Pride into its 3rd generation“, To date Pride have installed well in excess of 2700 units across the East Midlands,

Well done to Pete, Brian and Mick keep up the good work and once again Greasley’s Electronic Repair Agents congratulate Pride.

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Fix my Pcb

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Fix my Pcb Is a question we are asked every day, And The simple answer is

Take a digital Photo of the pcb then Email it to info@greasley.co.uk and we can advise you of the cost and turnaround time within minutes.

Among some of the boards and units we already repair are Sewing panels, Aerospace controls, Switch mode power supplies, Medical laboratory  equipment, Leisure Industry, Digital signaling, Etc

If anybody can, WE can, fix my Pcb.

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Pcb Repair

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Pcb Repair advise and Quotes will be free throughout November 2008 this is an opportunity to both new and existing customers alike, So if you want any technical information or advice please contact us in the next few weeks and we will only be to pleased to help you with your Pcb Repair.

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Electronic repair experts

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Electronic repair experts Greasley Electronics Ltd are proud to be associated with local charity PRIDE who have recently joined forces with Victim support in the Leicestershire and Rutland area. To celebrate this the Charity received approval by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal on Tuesday 14th October, Pride is also celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year.

Peter Stirland and The Princess Royal.

PRIDE stands for Protection and Reassurance Initiative to Defend the Elderly and is run by volunteers

Greasley Electronic Repair experts.

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Quick Syncro power boards

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Quick Syncro power boards are now obsolete (Those using the Toshiba MG20G6EL1), And the later surface mount version are on back order and are taking upto Six months to arrive, We can replace the Old powerboard with a modern one and give the manufactures full 1 year warranty on this, however it does come at a price, Greasley Electronics Ltd have a limited amount of Toshiba MG20G6EL1 and are able to repair both the older and new surface mount Quick Syncro Power Boards.

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PCB Repair

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PCB repair with the surface mount devices are more common than traditional through hole PCB’s main reasons for this seem to be poor manufacture, especially in the first generation of boards sometimes these may be resolved by a steady hand and the right soldering iron bit! They often look frighting but in many ways they are more easy to rework if you have the right technique and confidence,

Greasley’s offer a repair service to all types of PCB’s from single layer to multi-layer and both through hole and SMD together we class these all as PCB Repair.

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Electronic repair experts

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Electronic repair experts Greasley Electronics ltd would like to congratulate their newest member of staff James Aldrich on passing his driving test in Burton,


Look out for james in his Punto and he is well on his way to becoming an electronic repair expert.

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Rimoldi Repair

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Rimoldi repairs are becoming increasingly more intense as people are finding the credit crunch taking hold both here in the U.K. and overseas, We arerepairing more Rimoldi Panels and Pcb’s then ever before, because at one tenth or the origional cost of replacement (if you can find one) Or even larger if you have to buy a new machine.

Turn around time of these products is 5 working days or less typically.

Rimoldi panels included are Ram/Lisa, Rita, Sonia, Rimstop, Flextop and metering units.

Greasley Electronics offers  service to the range of Rimoldi repairs.

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Dynisco Repair

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Dynisco Repair by Greasley electronics, we have recently undertaken repair rework to these controls including ACT770-0-3-3 for a new client who is very pleased to be making huge savings on purchasing new units,  Included in our range now is Dynisco Repair.

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